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"SEAM Launch into the Market" in the News

Sustainable News

SEAM Press Release

Launching the SEAM Program, a New Framework dedicated to the Sustainability of the Abrasive Industry…

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EU launches Green Deal Investment plan to meet climate targets

The European Union is committed to becoming the first climate-neutral bloc in the world by…

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Lisbon is the 2020 European Green Capital Award winner!

The Portuguese city of Lisbon has won the European Green Capital Award for 2020. The…

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EEA turns 25: Building on experience to achieve sustainability in Europe

What will Europe’s environment look like in 25 years? Will we achieve our common vision…

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200 CEOs Call on New EU Leaders for Sustainable Europe by 2030

The CEOs of roughly 200 companies have announced that on November 1, they will be…

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How to accelerate change towards sustainability?

There is growing recognition that achieving prosperity within environmental limits requires fundamental changes in core…

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Sustainability in Business: 6 Key Trends

Increasingly, businesses are adopting socially and environmentally responsible frameworks to advance their own practises and…

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These countries are paving the way to a zero-carbon future

Eighteen countries from developed economies have had declining carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels for…

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Sustainability And Innovation At IBM: A Green Vision For ‘Big Blue’

More than five decades ago, IBM CEO Thomas Watson, Jr. stated that “Businessmen are influential…

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The EU Sustainable Energy Week is returning for its 15th edition!

Working in clean energy transition? Have your vision shared across the EU and organise an…

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Press Release

2020 EU Green Week partner event to feature SEAM Program

FEPA to discuss how the European abrasive industry by following the principles of the SEAM…

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The new SEAM Steering Group is ready for developing 2021/2022 sustainability goals

The SEAM Program gets its own governance as a mechanism to ensure its performance in…

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