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IACDS – Working towards sustainability

Cutting and drilling with diamond tools have always been a very specialized craft, which was a traditionally more expensive working method compared to others. For that reason, it was done only when the customer was really interested in a refinement solution.

Over time, as diamond tools and machinery have become more universal and democratized, it has become much more accessible. And there are now many more companies performing this type of work.

In addition, this highly specialized activity has been impacted over the years, as it often occurs in other industries as well, by a wide-array of other factors, namely environmental, social and economic, like waste or the long-term durability of tools and materials.

This means that in this particular trade, we have been adapting, taking into account these wide-ranging concerns. For example, in the area of waste, there is a growing focus on reducing workers’ dust exposure during a dry process whereas in the case of wet processing, the industry is aware that slurry needs to be better managed. To this effect, a tremendous amount of R&D resources is being invested to address the issue of improving the occupational health and safety of the industry’s end-users, a key tenant of sustainability.

As far as the durability of tools is concerned, although machines have a shorter useful life because technology is evolving at a fast pace, extending their useful life as much as possible has been the subject of a frenetic race to innovations. For example, within the industry, it is very typical to retip, that is, to reassemble the drill bits, which is when the segments are rewelded. To prolong the useful life of the tool is done for economic reasons and as a logical step of not throwing away an important part of the raw material, thus reducing waste.

In conclusion, the diamond cutting and drilling industry is not only aware of the importance of being sustainable, but it is something we work on together every day.


The International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers, IACDS, is the organization representing the associations, companies, and professionals of the concrete drilling and sawing industry around the globe.

The IACDS has a strong focus on providing an international union with the cooperation of trade Associations.

Today architects, engineers, general contractors, and government officials in the construction and renovation industry can take advantage of the advances in technology by employing specialized drilling and sawing contractors that utilize diamond cutting techniques to ensure the success of any project.

The Annual Convention is one of the most important events that IACDS organizes, a meeting that includes technical part with presentations about very relevant topics from many experts’ experiences about the concrete drillers and sawers industry.