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Rethink packaging remembering that Less is More (SUSTAINABLE)

The production of green products or the development of sustainable industrial processes require that even the packaging is designed to have the least possible environmental impact.

How to design an eco-packaging?

To ensure that your packaging is as green as the product, you will have to follow these 5 tips:

Eco-friendly packaging is a wrapper that minimizes costs and waste by avoiding layers upon layers of packaging that are completely unnecessary.

In this regard, you can have an impact on the following types of packaging:
Primary: the packaging that the consumer sees at the time of purchase. It is implicit that you cannot do without it, but you can still intervene by trying to minimize it or use recyclable materials for its production.
Secondary: boxes used to hold the product at the distribution stage. If you can’t do without them, design them so that they take up as little space as possible and do not involve the use of materials with a high environmental impact.
Tertiary: pallets and plastic wrapping used to transport the entire stock of your products. Even at this stage you can minimize waste  by using recyclable or reusable materials.

Put your ecological packaging on a diet

You prefer packaging tailored to your product rather than bulky wrappers that, in addition to taking up space during distribution, also represent an unnecessary production cost? An intelligent and sustainable packaging, in fact, is designed to be made with very little and fit like a glove on the product, enhancing its green value.

Use recycled and /or recyclable materials

If you can’t eliminate part of the packaging, make it with recyclable materials, for example by replacing plastic with cardboard which, in addition to being a more renewable source, it more easily communicates the “green” message.

If you really want to overdo it, then consider using for your ecological packaging not only recyclable materials but recycled materials of materials such as organic materials.

Make your packaging reusable

The reuse trend is growing and appeals to the conscience of everyone, whether they are more or less environmentally conscious. Designing packaging that can live beyond the life expectancy of the product it contains is a great way to think eco-friendly and give added value to your product.