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SEAM Thinking Forward Workshop 2024

On April 11, 2024, our “Visionary Thinking” Workshop marked a significant milestone in our shared aspiration for a more sustainable future in the abrasives industry.

Recap highlights:
The EFESO Consulting Management presentation and the “Carbon Footprint Project”
The workshop led by Jean-Marc Giraudeau and Narith Phlek from EFESO, marked the beginning of an insightful day. Addressing SEAM members, they explained the details of carbon footprint calculation and answered members’ questions.
A survey conducted among SEAM members revealed a commendable understanding of climate issues and a notable interest in carbon footprint calculation tools, emphasizing that the focus lies not solely on the outcome, but on the process of gradual improvement.
EFESO also shared insights from interviews conducted with four SEAM-certified companies: Heger, Tyrolit, Roxor, and Mabtools. Their objective was to integrate carbon footprint calculations into abrasive production, laying the ground for a sustainable industry.