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The new SEAM Steering Group is ready for developing 2021/2022 sustainability goals

The SEAM Program gets its own governance as a mechanism to ensure its performance in achieving environmental efficiency, production performance, labor safety 

Paris, France (September 3rd, 2020) – Today, FEPA, the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives, announced the results of SEAM’s first elected Steering Group (SG) for the term 2020-2022. Every two years, SEAM Members vote to select new SG Members for the program’s all-volunteer Steering Group.

The Steering Group is the decision-making body of the SEAM program, ensuring its strategic continuity on a marketing, financial and organizational level. The following five (5) well-qualified individuals were elected as Members of the Steering Group this term:

  • Jan Cord Becker – Hermes Schleifmittel (Germany)
  • Alessandro Gallo – SIAPI (Italy)
  • Antje Schwemberger – Tyrolit (Austria)
  • Alessandra Vandone – Mabtools (Italy)
  • Nicolas Vermeulen – Samedia (France)

These elected members come to complete FEPA Presidency who has a permanent seat on the Steering Group:

  • President: Stefan Sjöberg – Mirka Ltd
  • Vice-President: Xavier Orlhac – Saint-Gobain Abrasives

“I want to thank the many members who took the time to vote.” said Stefan Sjöberg, FEPA President. “The involvement of each member on that group demonstrates their commitment to have SEAM fulfill the Federation’s mission to address the European abrasive industry’s environmental footprint.”

Large, medium and small size abrasive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors have joined SEAM to set a European sustainability standard that pulls industry upward where it can find the right balance between all pieces of an environmental, labor, and economic puzzle that betters the life of a community.



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