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Why use an energy consumption monitoring system in the company?

The monitoring systems of energy consumption in the company allow a reduction of energy costs and consumption by 15% on average and are able to reduce up to 5% of total electricity costs. In this scenario, the awareness about the consumption is the fundamental step to start an energy efficiency project and an energy saving path.

Focusing on the monitoring of electricity, which represents an important part of the company’s needs, it is possible to see how today on the market, there are various types of measurement tools, which can be divided according to many different characteristics.

The data collected in the company through the sensors can be then summarized and the reports can shared with the customer. Through a multi-device web interface it is then possible to
– follow the historical and real-time trend of energy consumption
– analyze the efficiency graphs and identify the necessary interventions to minimize consumption
– set up an effective planning of maintenance activities.

Energy efficiency means “doing more with less”.
The most innovative energy efficiency solutions allow you to achieve savings percentages that often reach 20%.