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Europe’s Digital Decade

The EU will pursue a human-centric, sustainable vision for digital society throughout the digital decade to empower citizens and businesses.

Digital society and digital technologies bring with them new ways to learn, entertain, work, explore, and fulfil ambitions. They also bring new freedoms and rights, and give EU citizens the opportunity to reach out beyond physical communities, geographical locations, and social positions.

However, there are still many challenges associated with the digital transformation that need to be addressed during the digital decade. The EU must increase its strategic autonomy in tech and develop new rules and technologies to protect citizens from counterfeit products, cybertheft, and disinformation. Most importantly, the EU needs to address the digital divide.

The Digital Compass

The Communication ‘Digital Compass: The European Way for the Digital Decade’ set out digital ambitions for the next decade in the form of clear, concrete targets. The digital compass uses the 4 points of the compass to identify the main goals to reach over the next decade:

  1. a digitally skilled population and highly skilled digital professionals;
  2. secure and sustainable digital infrastructures;
  3. digital transformation of businesses;
  4. digitisation of public services.

Key policy areas to ensure these goals are met include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, digital identities, data, and connectivity.

The digital compass can also support the EU in meeting objectives in the European Green Deal, helping Europe to reach its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

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